List of Countries at the Commonwealth Games

Here is the list of the current participating countries at the Commonwealth Games. See also the list of past participating countries and territories, and maybe some that may participate in the future.

Country List

The abbreviation used at the Games is listed next to the country name. Follow the links for information specific to that country at the Commonwealth Games. (see also the same list sorted by region)

Country Abbreviation
Anguilla ANG
Antigua & Barbuda ANT
Australia AUS
Bahamas BAH
Bangladesh BAN
Barbados BAR
Belize BIZ
Bermuda BER
Botswana BOT
British Virgin Islands BVI
Brunei BRU
Cameroon CMR
Canada CAN
Cayman Islands CAY
Cook Islands COK
Cyprus CYP
Dominica DMA
England ENG
Falkland Islands FAL
Fiji FIJ
Gambia GAM
Ghana GHA
Gibraltar GIB
Grenada GRN
Guernsey GUE
Guyana GUY
India IND
Isle of Man IOM
Jamaica JAM
Jersey JER
Kenya KEN
Kiribati KIR
Lesotho LES
Malawi MAW
Malaysia MAS
Malta MLT
Mauritius MRI
Montserrat MTS
Mozambique MOZ
Namibia NAM
Nauru NRU
New Zealand NZL
Nigeria NGR
Niue NIU
Norfolk Island NFI
Northern Ireland NIR
Pakistan PAK
Papua New Guinea PNG
Rwanda RWA
Samoa SAM
Scotland SCO
Seychelles SEY
Sierra Leone SLE
Singapore SIN
Solomon Islands SOL
Republic of South Africa RSA
Sri Lanka SRI
St Helena SHE
St Kitts & Nevis SKN
St Lucia LCA
St Vincent & The Grenadines SVG
Swaziland SWZ
United Republic of Tanzania TAN
Tonga TGA
Trinidad & Tobago TRI
Turks & Caicos Islands TCI
Tuvalu TUV
Uganda UGA
Vanuatu VAN
Wales WAL
Zambia ZAM

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