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The Topend Sports website is a popular information source for sports, fitness and nutrition. For businesses wishing to advertise on Topend Sports, there are a few different options summarized below. If you have a sporting event you want to promote, see about Sporting Event Advertising.

Direct Advertising

Consider advertising your business at If you wish to advertise your products or business directly on this site, please contact me for more details. See our Advertising Rate Sheet for more details. Below are just some of the options available.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not accept text link placements within the content of my site. If you wish to advertise it must be clear that it is an ad, and preferably in one of the sections listed below

Topend Sports Statistics (from Google Analytics)

> 3,000,000 Monthly Page Views
> 1,500,000 Monthly Visitors
75% Google search traffic

country visitorscountry traffic to Topend Sports (Aug 2014)

Newsletter Advertising

Advertising is available in the monthly topendsports newsletter at very reasonable rates, with over 50,000 subscribers. See more details about Advertising in the Newsletter.

Guest Posts

We occasionally accept guest posts on Topend Sports. No gambling ads please. If you are interested, see more details about Guest Posting.

Google Adwords

If you do not wish to advertise directly, you can run advertising campaigns and promote your products or websites through Google Adwords. If you are interested in running ads on this website, you can sign up for adwords and specifically target this website to place your ads directly.

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