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My name is Rob Wood, the creator of Topend Sports and author of most of the information. This website is about all things sports, health and fitness - areas I am passionate about. The site has also grown from a small university project to a very large and free online resource of over 5,000 pages.

If you have any comments or suggestions, I would love to hear from you. To send a message to me, go to the Contact page. If you want to reference a page on this site, see the webpage concerning copyright for more information. Advertising on Topend Sports is available. The Topendsports.com website is part of the Topend Network. All pages are designed and maintained by Rob J Wood Designs.

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This site is began in 1997 as an online collection of fitness tests while I was studying Human Movement at The University of Western Australia (UWA). From there the site grew sporadically when I found time to work on it. Over time the site has been hosted on a couple of different website domains.

This image was an icon of the original version of this website, which started around 1996. And he is still a part of the logo!

Who is Rob?

Rob Wood, exercise physiologist from Topendsports.com

My name is Rob Wood, and this is my website. I am sports fanatic, sport scientist, and graphic designer, all rolled into one. My qualifications in exercise physiology are Bachelor of Science and PhD from The University of Western Australia. In graphic design, I have an advanced diploma from the Canberra Institute of Technology. Now you can see why I have made this site - it combines everything I love to do. I hope you enjoy it too.

Clare Wood, Sports DietitianCo-workers

This site would not be possible without the assistance of my wife Clare Wood, who is also a very good dietitian and a significant contributor to this website. See this list of just some of her sports nutrition articles.


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