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This copyright notice applies to all images and text on the pages on this site (, except those few pages which are clearly labelled as being created and copyrighted to another person. On most pages of this site there is no author information listed, and in these cases the content is most likely created myself, Rob Wood, or my partner Clare Wood or has been commissioned by Topend Sports.

In most cases you do not need my permission to reproduce a small section of this site, as long as credit is given to the author and source of the information. See details below for specific cases. Please contact me if you do not fit in these categories, and if you believe that you may need copyright permission to use parts of this site.

Individual Students

You can copy and use the information and images from any page on this site for the purpose of your studies, as long as there is no commercial use of the information. Remember to include the site or a specific page as the source of your information. You should provide a reference for your information source, there are a few 'standards' for citing pages, see the page about citing this website.

Teachers / Lecturers 

Feel free to use this site as a reference for your students. You can print a reasonable number of the pages of this site for your students, as long as the source of the information is clearly indicated. If you are still unsure, contact me.

Publishers / Web Designers

You can freely link to any page on my website. See linking information.

If you would like to use a portion of this website in a published work please contact me for permission. See more information on licensing price guidelines.

There are many sporting images on the sports image collection, which are all copyright however are available for free for limited use. There is more information about copyright of these images and details about purchasing the rights to use them.

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