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Kubihiki - a traditional Japanese sport of neck pulling

Kubihiki (neck pulling orĀ neck wrestling) is a traditional Japanese test of strength. The sport involves two participants facing each other, each holding one end of a cloth or rope placed around their necks, and pulling in an attempt to unbalance the other. The objective is to pull the opponent towards oneself or cause them to fall.

Japanese Neck Pulling Japanese Neck Pulling

Kubihiki has origins in the Edo period of Japan (1603-1868). It was commonly depicted in Ukiyo-e prints, a popular artform of the time.

Today, Kubihiki is often showcased at cultural festivals and events as a means of preserving and celebrating traditional Japanese games.

The sport is similar to the Goanna Pulling pub sport in Australia, and other versions that has been played around the world at some stage.

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