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The 'Friendly Games'

The Commonwealth Games is a sporting event staged between the elite athletes of countries from the Commonwealth. It is held every four years, and is conducted over many sports, in a format much like the Olympic Games.

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The Commonwealth Games attracts the top athletes of member nations of the Commonwealth, thus making it a world-class competition, second only to the Olympic Games in many people's opinion.

The Commonwealth Games are unique in the world of sport as it is based on a historical linkage of Commonwealth countries, not based on geographic features such as the Asian, Pan Am and African Games, or based on climatic conditions such as the Winter Olympics.

The Games are also unique as it shares a common language, unlike the Olympic Games, as all athletes and officials can speak with each other in English, creating an atmosphere that has led to the Commonwealth Games being long known as the 'Friendly Games'. (see the comparison between the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

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The next Commonwealth Games will be held in 2026. Originally the event was to be hosted by Victoria, Australia but they have withdrawn.

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