Demonstration Sports at the Summer Olympic Games

This is a list of unofficial or demonstration sports in the past Olympic Games, sorted by year (there is also another list with these sports sorted by alphabetical order). Not all of these events have been confirmed as there is often conflicting information about which events were officially sanctioned by the Olympic Committee, and which were simply held at the same time as the Olympic Games.

This list is comprehensive but may contain omissions. I have listed all that I have found from a range of different sources, some of them are "unofficial" unoffical sports at the Olympics, particularly before 1912, and any more information is welcome. If you have details of a demonstration sport that is not on this list, or have any other feedback, please comment below.

year sport notes
1896 Football there is evidence of a football game played at the 1896 Olympics, but it is not officially reported.
  more possibly equestrian and boxing
1900 Angling held on the River Seine, with about 600 fisherman
  Ballooning There were prizes in distance, duration, elevation, and target with and without stopping
  Cannon Shooting  
  Fire Fighting Competitions were held for both professional and volunteer firefighters.
  Kite Flying competitons for small, medium andlarge kites
  Pigeon Racing  
  Pigeon Shooting  
  Longue Paume the outdoor version of jeu de paume
  Lifesaving rescue event in the River Seine
  Water Motorsports  
1904 American football  
  Gaelic football  
  Motor Cycling  
1908 Bicycle Polo  
1912 Glima traditional Scandinavian wrestling
1920 Korfball  
1924 Basque Pelota  
  Canadian Canoeing  
  La Canne French form of martial arts using a cane
  Savate a form of French kickboxing.
  Real Tennis Reral Tennis is the what 'jeu de paume' is called in the UK
  Children's Games The sports included baseball, basketball, volleyball and other playground games
1928 Korfball  
  Kaatsen Also called Frisian Handball, a form of handball commonly played in Holland
1932 American Football  
1936 Gliding  
  Tenpin Bowling?  
1948 Lacrosse  
  Swedish (Ling) gymnastics  
1952 Pesäpallo a Finnish version of baseball
  Field Handball  
  Synchronized Swimming  
1956 Australian Rules Football  
  Synchronized Swimming  
1960 Synchronized Swimming  
1964 Baseball  
  Budō Japanese Archery, Fencing & Wrestling
1968 Basque Pelota  
  Synchronized Swimming  
  Tennis games for men and women
1972 Badminton  
  Water Skiing winners: Figures - Ricky McCormick USA 5340 & Willy Stähle NED 3140, Jump - Ricky McCormick USA 43.75 & Sylvie Maurial FRA 27.40, Slalom - Roby Zucchi ITA 44.0 & Liz Allen-Shetter USA 35.0
1976 none  
1980 Sambo youth Sambo was only demonstrated in the Games' opening ceremony - it was not formally recognized as a demonstration sport.
1984 Baseball  
  Wheelchair racing demonstration of a paralympic event
1988 Baseball  
  Judo (for women)
  Wheelchair racing  
  Tenpin Bowling  
1992 Basque Pelota  
  Beach Volleyball?  
  Roller Hockey (or Rink-hockey)  
  Valencian pilota?  
  Wheelchair racing  
1996 Wheelchair racing  
2000 Wheelchair racing  
2004 Wheelchair racing  
2008 wushu The IOC allowed a special tournament of wushu to be played during the Games
2012 none  
2016 eSports The IOC has permitted a parallel eSports competition to be run, thoug it is not an official demonstration sport.


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