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Demonstration Sports at the 1900 Olympic Games

The 1900 Olympic Games were held in Paris, France. These second modern Games were incorporated into the large Paris World Expo, which included many sports which were not part of the official Olympic program, hence the large number of demonstration or unofficial sports listed, which have mostly never been seen associated with the Olympics again.

Angling a fishing competition held on the River Seine, with about 600 fisherman
Ballooning There were prizes in distance, duration, elevation, and target with and without stopping
Boules Two versions were played, Jeu Lyonnaise and Partie de Berges
Cannon Shooting It is not clear what the competition involved, maybe shooting for distance and accuracy
Fire Fighting Competitions were held for both professional and volunteer firefighters.
Kite Flying competitons for small, medium and large kites
Pigeon Racing In total, 7,721 pigeons were released from 48 teams
Pigeon Shooting The object of this event was to shoot and kill as many birds as possible
Longue Paume the outdoor version of jeu de paume
Life-saving rescue event in the River Seine
Motor Racing Sixteen events were contested in conjunction with the 1900 World's Fair
Motorcycling there were two motorcycling demonstration 1-mile races as part of the cycling program
Water Motorsports motorboating was also an official sport at the 1908 Olympic Games

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