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Demonstration of Children's Games, 1924

At the 1924 Olympic Games held in Paris France, there was a demonstration of children's sports and games (Les Jeux de l'Enfance), which took place on the large lawn of the Athletic Stadium over three days. These sports included baseball, basketball, volleyball and various other playground games. The list of games and descriptions have been taken from the Official Olympic Games report from 1924, which was written in French, and translated (probably badly) here.

Friday, July 18 1924, 2.30pm

Saturday, July 19 1924, 2.30pm

Part 1: Relay Games

a) regular
1. Place the ball
2. The snake
3. Standing and Layer
4. Cane Jumping
5. Race with hurt man

b) transportation (20 per team, 10 on each side of the field)
1. Clubs Relay
2. Bring the Baton

Part 2. Demonstration of Balloon Games

1. Beautiful Knight
2. Call the numbers
3. Dodge the Balloon
4. Touch the Ball
5. Corner Ball

Part 3.

Basketball Demonstration at the 1924 Olympic Games. Basketball Demonstration at the 1924 Olympic Games.
from: The Official Report of the Olympic Games of Paris 1924

Sunday 20 July 1924, 2.30pm

A. Parade

B. Relay Games:

1. Pass the Ball (top and bottom)
2. Go and Back
3. Relay sticks (relays clubs, with sticks)
4. Zigzag Course
5. Relay jump cane (or relay cutthroats)
6. Relay Beavers (pat on the shoulder)

C. Cub Games (in groups of tens 4)

a) Ball Games:
1. Touch the ball
2. Dodge Ball

b) Pursuit Games:
1. Camels and Cats-Owl
2. The Prisoner
3. Breaking down the Ache
4. Take the handkerchief
5. Grimaces
6. The Wolf Tail

D. Pathfinder Games (patrols in groups of 4)

a) Ball Games
1. The Captain Ball
2. Touch the ball

b) Pursuit Games
1. The Bundles
2. The Bear and her guardian
3. Flag

E. Team Games

  1. Basketball - London Y.M.C.A. against Y.M.C.A. Turin, Paris Union against Paris Union, Union de Bercy against Union Clamart.
  2. Volleyball - (USA against France, selected teams)
  3. Cage Ball Match

Source: Paris Olympic Games Official Report, vol4, p628

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