Kaatsen at the Olympics

Kaatsen was a demonstration event at the Olympic Games in 1928. Kaatsen is a form of handball that's commonly played in a northern province of Holland called Friesland. There are three players per team and a hard leather ball is used, with a scoring system similar to tennis. The players play the ball with their bare hands. The object of the attacking side is to bounce the ball within an aera of the field, while the defenders endeavour to keep the ball out.

olympic kaatsen demonstration Kaatsen Demonstration
from: The Official Report of the Olympic Games 1928

The demonstration of Kaats was on July 11th 1928, played on the cricket pitch in the Olympic Stadium. The demonstration was given by one team from the Province of Friesland, consisting of Messrs. I. JONGSMA, H. JEPMA and R. TERPSTRA, and one from the Province of North Holland consisting of Messrs. G. VAN DER MEULEN, R. WIJNGAARDEN and SJ. HARKEMA. Referee: C. VAN DER MEULEN.

source: 1928 Official Report

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