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Demonstration Sports at the 1992 Olympic Games

There were three official demonstration sports for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona: Roller Hockey, Taekwondo and Basque Pelota. The sport of Beach Volleyball is also regularly listed as a demonstration sport for these Olympics, though it is not listed in the official reports. There was also a Wheelchair racing demonstration event as part of the athletics program, as it had been since 1984.

In addition to demonstration sports, the 1987 edition of the Olympic Charter also allows for displays of traditional or minority sports, the so-called "exhibition sports", which can be held alongside the Games.

The official Olympic report notes that there were 23 applications for exhibition sports: bowling, seven-a-side football, golf, karate, Canary wrestling, León wrestling, swimming with flippers, orienteering, parachuting, petanque, Valencian pelota, slalom canoeing, racquets, raid militaire (a long distance cross-country race on horseback), water skiing, putting, softball, squash, sling shot, trials, skate sailing and beach volleyball.

softball was a suggested exhibition sportsoftball was a suggested exhibition sport

Of these submissions, nine were considered viable: bowling, golf, karate, parachuting, petanque, racquets, raid militaire, softball, and squash. Later the list was reduced to four: bowling, golf, softball, and squash. However, ultimately the Barcelona organizing committee decided not to organize any exhibition sports at all.

source: 1992 Official Report of the Barcelona Olympic Games, vol 3.

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