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Demonstration Sports at the 1924 Olympic Games

Details of the demonstration sports at the 1924 Olympic Games held in Paris France have been taken from the official report, written in French. The section of the program about the demonstration sports lists four sports: La Basque Pelota (Pelote Basque), Canadian Canoeing (Le Canoë Canadien), French Boxing (La Boxe Française), La Canne and a demonstration of children's games (Les Jeux de l'Enfance).

Basketball Demonstration at the 1924 Olympic Games. Basketball Demonstration at the 1924 Olympic Games.
from: The Official Report of the Olympic Games of Paris 1924

Basque Pelota (Pelote Basque)

A court was built at the Porte de Billancourt for the Basque pelota events. The only participants were teams from France and Spain. There were two events, Hand-pelota and Basket-pelota. More about Basque Pelota Demonstration Events.

Canadian Canoeing (Le Canoë Canadien)

A demonstration organized by the Canadian Olympic Committee, with Canadian and US rowers in canoes with one, two and four rowers, with single or double paddles. More about Canoeing Demonstration Event.

French Boxing (La Boxe Française)

French Boxing (La Boxe Française) is a French martial art that involves hands and feet as the only weapon for defense and offense. It is also known as Savate or French kickboxing. More about Savate Demonstration Event.

La Canne

There was one fight demonstration the French sport of La Canne, a sport associated with French kickboxing. The sport involves a bout between two competitors with canes, similar to fencing. More about La Canne Demonstration Event.

Children's Games

There was also demonstration of children's games (Les Jeux de l'Enfance). The sports included baseball, basketball, volleyball and other playground games. More about 1924 Children's Games Demonstration and volleyball in 1924.

source: 1924 Official Report of the Olympic Games (in French)

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