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Demonstration Sports at the 1928 Olympic Games

The IOC rules of the time allowed the organizing Committee of the Olympic Games to organise two demonstrations, in addition to the official sports on the program. The aim of these demonstrations was to promote lesser-known sports to the world audience. One sport was to be peculiar to the country where the Games are being held, and the other an international sport which is practically unknown in the country organizing the Games.

Local Sport Demonstration

The suggested sports in which to demonstrate a local sport were archery, rugby, skittles, korfball and kaatsen.

Archery was out of the question due to it being a past sport of the Olympics.

Rugby was recommended by the American Olympic Association and suggested by the Delft Students Rugby Club, but could not be argued as a specially Dutch sport.

olympic kaatsen demonstration Kaatsen Demonstration
from: The Official Report of the Olympic Games 1928

Skittles was proposed by the Netherlands Skittles Federation, but was concluded to be not so suitable for a demonstration to a large crowd.

Kaatsen had been suggested by the Netherlands Kaats Federation a long time previously, and was favoured for the demonstration.

Korfball was suggested by the Netherlands Korfball Federation, and was found to have been promised for national demonstration. (it was also a demonstration sport in 1920)

Subsequently, it was agreed to to make an exception, and demonstrate both Kaatsen and Korfball.

International Sport Demonstration

Many games were suggested for the demonstration of an international sport not commonly played in the Netherlands.

Handball was recommended by K├Âlner Spielverein Germania and also by the International Amateur Athletic Federation.

Basketball was recommended by the National Council of the Y.M.C.A. and the Canadian Amateur Basketball Association.

The Spanish Olympic Committee put forward Pelote basque (the demonstration sport from 1924) and for which it was necessary to build a wall.

The American Olympic Association suggested Canoe Racing.

From Iceland the game of Glima was suggested (a demonstration sport from 1912).

After much consideration Lacrosse was chosen.

Final List of Demonstration Sports at the 1928 Olympics

source: 1928 Official Report

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