Basketball Demonstrations at the Olympics

Basketball was a demonstration event at the Olympic Games in 1904 in St. Louis. It has also been an official sport from 1936 onwards. There was also basketball played as part of the children's games and sports demonstration at the 1924 Olympics.

There were four different events in Saint Louis for basketball competition; Amateur championships, College basketball, High school basketball, and Elementary school basketball. In 1904 the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) national basketball tournament, served as a demonstration sport at the St. Louis Olympics. It was won by Buffalo German YMCA.


Amateur championships

Buffalo German YMCA def. Missouri AC, 97–8
Chicago Central YMCA def. Sawyer AB, 56–6
Buffalo German YMCA def. Turner Tigers, 77–6
Chicago Central YMCA def. Turner Tigers, 2–2 (Turner Tigers forfeited)
Buffalo German YMCA def. Xavier AA, 36–28
Buffalo German YMCA def. Chicago Central YMCA, 39–28
Chicago Central YMCA def. Missouri AC, 2–0

Basketball Demonstration at the 1924 Olympic Games. Basketball Demonstration at the 1924 Olympic Games.
from: The Official Report of the Olympic Games of Paris 1924


College basketball

Hiram College def. Wheaton College, 23–20
Wheaton College def. Latter-day Saints' University, 40–35
Hiram College def. Latter-day Saints' University, 25–18
Hiram College, 2–0
Wheaton College, 1–1
Latter-day Saints' University, 0–2

High school basketball

New York, 3–0
Chicago, 2–1
Saint Louis, 1–2
San Francisco, 0–3

Elementary school basketball

New York, 2–0
Chicago, 1–1
San Francisco, 2–2


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