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Lifesaving at the 1900 Olympic Games

olympic medal A Paris 1900 Olympic Games gilt winner's plaque,

A life saving event was an unofficial sport at 1900 Olympic Games in Paris.

Translating as best I can can from the 1900 Olympic Games Official Report (written in French), there were rescue competitions on land (sauvetage terre) and rescue competitions in water (sauvetage eau).

"SECTION IX. Sauvetage. — Les concours de manœuvres de pompes à incendie et les concours de premiers secours aux blessés civils et militaires auront lieu dans les régions du bois de Vincennes qui seront désignées par le Commissaire général. Le concours de sauvetage sur l'eau se tiendra en Seine."

Which Google translate would indicate that the competition included maneuvers with fire pumps, first aid assistance to civilian and military casualties (held in the Vincennes velodrome), and a rescue competition on water held in the River Seine.

The water rescue competition was in four sections:

  1. Rescue boat, flat bottom or keel (Sauvetage par bateau, à fond plat ou à quille)
  2. River bottom rigs (Engins de fond)
  3. Floating rigs (Engins flotteurs)
  4. Rescue by swimming (Sauvetage par natation)


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