Fitness at the Beach

The beach is a great place to go to relax, but also a great place to do your workout. There are countless activities you can do at the beach that will provide you with health benefits, though they won't seem like exercise at all. Enjoy the fresh air, sounds of the ocean, and the sand under your feet as you get into these exercises that are suitable for your next trip to the beach.

Most of these exercise do not require any equipment, or can be modified to increase resistance using buckets or jugs, and filling them up with sand to make some dumbbells.

Beach Exercises

Here is a list of exercises that require no equipment and can be simply done at the beach.

Push Ups at the beach
squats  at the beach
dips at the beach
sit ups at the beach
double leg bounding at the beach
Bounding: double leg
single leg bounding at the beach
Bounding:single leg
hopping at the beach
step ups at the beach
wall press at the beach
Wall Press
incline push ups at the beach
Incline Push-ups
water running at the beach
Water Running
beach sprinting at the beach
Beach Sprints
sand running at the beach
Sand Running
dune sprints at the beach
Dune Sprints
water activities at the beach
Beach & Water Activities

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