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What is Speed?

Sports Definition: Speed is the ability to move quickly across the ground or move limbs rapidly to grab or throw.

Speed is not just how fast someone can run (or cycle, swim etc.), but is dependent on their acceleration (how quickly they can accelerate from a stationary position), maximal speed of movement, and also speed maintenance (minimizing deceleration). Movement speed requires good strength and power, but also too much body weight and air resistance can act to slow the person down.

In addition to a high proportion of fast twitch muscle fibers, it is vital to have efficient mechanics of movement to optimize the muscle power for the most economical movement technique.

Who Needs Speed?

Speed is one of the main fitness components, important for success in many sports. For some athletes such as Track and Field sprinters, sprint swimmers, cyclists and speed skaters, speed is the most important aspect of fitness. In many other sports, including team field sports, good speed is also very important as part of the overall fitness profile. A vote of the top sports requiring speed has the obvious ones of track and field sprinters on top. See also another list ranking sports in which speed is important.

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