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Getting fit is not something that should be expensive, though for many people that is what it becomes. Paying for trainers, gyms, clothing and gadgets can add up. But these are only accessories, none of that is actually necessary to make your body fitter. It can make it seem more appealing, but is not essential.

park exercise machinesfree park exercise equipment

You don't need to pay for expensive equipment. There is nothing easier (and cheaper) than going for a run to train aerobically, and workouts can become much more complex when you add hills, stairs or beach running - and you get the bonus of a bit of fresh air! For example, try these beach workouts. To get stronger, try these bodyweight exercises, or make your own weights. With just what you can find around the house, here a list of home fitness exercises.

Not having enough money to get fit should never be an excuse - not having enough time is another thing, but should also not be an excuse. If you think you have no time, it is more likely that you are not making fitness a priority. You can always find time if you really want. And the best time is now!

Are you paying for motivation? Putting yourself out there and training hard takes a lot of motivation and commitment. If you can work-out without needing to pay a gym or a personal trainer to motivate yourself, then it is more likely that you will continue to do so. When things get difficult, it is your own will that is required to keep pushing yourself, support may help but it should not be the main driver.

Free Exercises

Here are some exercise activities that will not cost you a cent, and you get the bonus of a bit of fresh air! Just don't spend the money you save on an unhealthy food snack afterwards! Get outdoors for these cost-free activities.

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Fitness is the key to success in sport. Following basic principles, you can develop fitness components such as strength, speed and endurance. See our colection of exercises and fitness equipment. Ensure you warm-up and stretch before any workout.

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