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Dumbbell Exercises

Using dumbbells (or even anything of weight that you can hold comfortably in one hand) gives you great versatility in your strength exercise program as you can isolate a particular muscle and work it in many ways. Here is a list of just some of the commonly used resistance training exercises using dumbbells.

Triceps Kick Back Dumbelltricep kickback Concentration Curl
concentration curl
Overhead extension
overhead extension
Hammer bicep curl exercisehammer curls one arm row dumbbell exercise
one arm row
incline bicep curl exercise
incline bicep curls
dumbbell bench press
dumbbell press
SUpine Dumbbell Flies
dumbbell flys
dumbbell squats
dumbbell squats

reverse lunge exercise
reverse lunges
reverse lunge exercise
forward lunge
shoulder press exercise
shoulder press
forward raise
forward raises
bent over raise
bent over raises
upright row
upright row
side raise
lateral raises

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Triceps Kick Back DumbellMore About Dumbbells

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