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The number of sports for each Asian Games event has varied over time (see table of changes). There have also been many demonstration sports.

At the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou China, there will be 482 medal events. Officially there are 42 sports, but some of those, like aquatics, are actually several sports under one unbrella term (e.g. swimming, diving, water polo).

weight lifting at the Asian Games weight lifting at the 2014 Asian Games

Below we have listed all the disciplines that are usualy considered an individual sport. After eSports was featured as a demonstration sport in 2018, it has been made a medal event for the 2022 Asian Games. Compared to the previous games, bowling, jet ski, paragliding, pencak silat and sambo have been removed from the program. The sports which have been added are: marathon open-water swimming, breakdancing, chess, Esports, Go and Xiangqi. 

Sports for Hangzhou 2022

Past Sports

There are many sports that were once part of the Asian Games, but are no longer included on the program. Here are a few of them:

Some sports have also appeared as demonstration sports.

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