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Cricket at the Asian Games

The team sport of cricket became a medal sport at the 2010 Asian Games, and was also in the program in 2014 before getting dropped from the program for 2018. For cricket fans, they will to glad to know it was back on the program for the 2022 Asian Games (held in 2023).

In 2023, there were both men's and women's competitions held using the Twenty20 format.

The inclusion of cricket has been driven by cricketing powerhouses Pakistan and India, though their participation was limited due to other international cricket fixture commitments at the time. There are other Test status cricketing nations also located in the Asian region, such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Nepal and Afganistan also have good national cricket teams, and cricket in other countries in Asia has been boosted by the inclusion of this sport in the Asian Games and now the Olym;pic Games in LA28.


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