List of Stretches

There are many more stretches than there are muscles in the body, and there are quite a few of those.

Here are just a selection of common stretches targeting all parts of the body. Click the image for more details about performing the stretch. The information about each stretch should be read in conjunction with the stretching guidelines.



Back Supine Rotation stretch
spinal twist
Back Stretch Supine
knees to chest

back cat stretch
cat stretch

Side Trunk Stretch
side trunk

back extension
back extension
Lunge Flexor Stretch
forward lunge
side lunge
side lunge
Sitting hip stretch
sitting hip stretch
Hamstring Standing Stretch
hamstring (standing)
Hamstring Stretch
hamstring (sitting)
Hamstring Stretch
hamstring (supine)
Gastrocnemius Stretch
calf (gastroc)
Calf soleus stretch
calf (soleus)
quad stretch
quadriceps (side lying)
quad standing stretch
quadriceps (standing)
Upper Body
Chest Stretch
Wrist Flexion
wrist flexion
Wrist Flexion
wrist extension
Overhead Shoulder Stretch
shoulder overhead
Posterior Shoulder Stretch
shoulder posterior
Shoulder Extension Stretch
shoulder flexion
Neck Stretch
neck (side)
Neck Stretch
neck (front & back)
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