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SPARQ Ratings

SPARQ is an acronym for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness. The SPARQ Rating is a scoring system designed to measure sport-specific athleticism. The results from various tests in each of the areas of speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness are combined and weighted using a sport specific formula.

The SPARQ Rating tells you in which areas you should concentrate your training and where you can improve. A companion system, SPARQ Training, gives the athletes a variety of drills, programs and information to improve in their sport.

The sports protocols have been updated several times. Below is what is believed to be the latest protocols, however you should check with official sources.

The sports that are currently available are:

The general SPARQ Athletic Assessment Protocols include the following tests:

The SPARQ Rating set of tests for self-administration are as follows. You also need you testing day body weight to calculate your rating.

This is the complete list of tests that are currently used or have been previously used in SPARQ assessments, depending on which sports are being tested.

Some Results

There are performance guides which give the details for each rating so you can see how you rank and can quickly identify your relative strengths and weaknesses. An average rating typically falls between 45 and 55. An elite rating typically exceeds 85 or 90.

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