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Football SPARQ

Do you have what it takes to be a football player? The SPARQ is a rating system designed to measure sport-specific athleticism. The results from these tests are combined and weighted using a formula specific to football.

Note: Despite being a very popular assessment method for some time, the SPARQ business is no longer active and is not available to conduct testing and rate players.

football fitness testing football fitness testing

The SPARQ Football Rating is derived from a formula that combines results from standard measurements of the NFL football combine. There is also the SPARQ Pro Rating consisting of more specific tests, designed to take a more comprehensive look into the sources of football-specific athleticism.

On 2008, SPARQ updated their protocols for Football. The bench press test was removed and the vertical jump protocol changed. Below are the current tests, and the previous test protocols are listed too.

Current Football SPARQ Tests

Previous Football SPARQ Tests

Standard Tests

Pro Rating Tests

There used to be a Pro Rating SPARQ, that had these additional tests:

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