Women's Soccer World Cup Winners

Here are the winners of each of the Women's FIFA World Cup events since the first in 1991.

Germany and the US have each won two Women's World Cups. Japan's win in 2011 was the first Asian team to win a FIFA World Cup (including both men and women).

Results Table

2015 United States Japan 5-2
2011 Japan United States 2-2 AET (3-1 after pen)
2007 Germany Brazil 2-0
2003 Germany Sweden 2-1 (asdet)
1999 United States China 0-0 AET (5-4 pen)
1995 Norway Germany 2-0
1991 United States Norway 2-1

AET = after extra time
asdet = after sudden death extra time (golden goal)
p en = penalties


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