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The FA Cup

The FA Cup Final, frequently referred to as just the 'Cup Final' in England, is the last match of the Football Association Challenge Cup. The Cup has been around since season 1871, where Wanderers won over Royal Engineers which was held at Kennington Oval with 2,000 spectators. (see winners list)

The FA Cup is a culmination between teams belonging to the Football Association in England.

Scottish and Irish teams competed in the early years. Welsh teams frequently take part in the competition. A team from Wales won the 1927 Cup and reached the final in 2008.

From the beginning of the Cup until 1993, when a match finished in a draw, they would replay the match up to a total of six times. In 1993, the Football Association then decided that future finals will be decided on the spot, on that day, putting the Cup Final replays to an end. A draw at the end of normal time will be followed by two 15-minute extra times. If the scores are still on the same level, a penalty shootout settles which team will be victors of the Cup Final.

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