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Football World Cup Quiz

How well do you know your world cup trivia? Below is a short quiz about the FIFA World Cup. You will find more details about the answers in our section on the Football World Cup, particularly the World Cup Trivia page.

World Cup Quiz

1. Uruguay won the first World Cup in 1930. Who did they beat in the final?
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
2. The record for the lowest attendance at a World Cup match was for the game between Peru and Romania in 1930. How many people watched the game?
  • 300
  • 1000
  • 3000
3. Who was the first World Cup mascot?
  • Pique the jalapeño chili pepper
  • Tip and Tap German boys
  • World Cup Willie the lion
4. The FIFA World Cup Trophy depicts two people holding up a golden object - what is it?
  • A cup
  • A football
  • The earth
5. Only one team doesn't have to qualify for the World Cup. Which one?
  • The previous World Cup winners
  • The host country's team
  • The team with the highest FIFA ranking
6. What award is given to the tournament's leading goalscorer?
  • Golden Boot
  • Golden Goal
  • Golden Ball
7. The inaugural Women's World Cup was held in 1991. Where was it held?
  • England
  • China
  • Brazil
8. What is the most common score in a World Cup finals match?
  • 0-0
  • 1-0
  • 1-1
9. Who is the all-time leading goal scorer in World Cup history?
  • Miroslav Klose
  • Pele
  • Ronaldo
10. Which is the only country to have competed in every World Cup finals series?
  • England
  • Argentina
  • Brazil

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FIFA World Cup Extra

The next men's World Cup will be held held jointly in Canada, USA and Mexico 2026, for the women the next will be Brazil in 2027. See more firsts and other trivia, a quiz, and also information about each country at the World Cup. Most importantly, who are the winners?

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