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Sports of the World Games

Here is a list of sports which were part of the World Games in 2022. The next World Games will be held in Chengdu China in 2025. There are official and invitational sports that can be included on the sports program.

For 2022, there were 30 official sports on the program (including 54 disciplines, 207 events), and five invitational sports. Sports making their official debut were drone racing, canoe marathon, breaking, women's fistball, kickboxing, and parkour. Softball and racquetball returned to the official World Games program. The five invitational sports were wheelchair rugby, duathlon, men's lacrosse, wushu and flag football.

List of Sports (2022)

Past Sports

Some of these sports are no longer part of the World Games program as they have been included into the Olympic Games.

Number of official and Invitational Sports

Year Location Official Sports Invitational Sports
2025 Chengdu, China    
2022 Birmingham, Alabama, USA 30 5
2017 Wroclaw, Poland 27 4
2013 Cali, Colombia 32 5
2009 Kaohsiung, Taiwan 31 5
2005 Duisburg, Germany 31 6
2001 Akita, Japan 27 5
1997 Lahti, Finland 23 6
1993 The Hague, Netherlands 21 3
1989 Karlsruhe, West Germany 19 5
1985 London, United Kingdom 20 4
1981 Santa Clara, California, USA 14 2

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