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Racquetball is a type of racket sport which is played using a hollow rubber ball. It can be played either outdoor or indoor. The sport dates back to the 1950’s. Joe Sobek of New Britain, Connecticut YMCA is said to have invented this sport. Sobek is the one who made the set of rules, designed the first strung paddle and called the game as paddle rackets.

Unlike a lot of the racket sports, tennis and badminton, there is no net to hit the ball over. Also, unlike squash, there is no section of wall to hit the ball over. The standard size of a racquetball court is rectangular, it is usually 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, and 20 feet high. There are red lines marked to define the service and serve reception areas.

Raquetball is a sport played indoor or outdoor with the use of a hollow rubber ball. A stringed raquet is added to Paddleball to increase the velocity and control.


Players should equip themselves with a racquetball racket and racquetball eye guards, which is mandatory in competitions. The rule is to bounce the ball on the floor, then hit it directly to the front wall. The ball can only touch the wall once; two or three times will be a fault.

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