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Futsal is a contact sport and a five-a-side variant of association football. It is played on a smaller field which is usually indoors. The term futsal comes from the Portuguese 'futebol de salao' which means hall football.

The sport was developed in Brazil and Uruguay between the 1930’s and the 1940’s. The game is played by two teams with five players each. The team roster can have a maximum of 12 members. Substitutions are unlimited. The game has two halves with 20 actual minutes or of 30 non actual minutes. There is a 15-minute break between the two periods. A coin toss decides who will start the match.

A kick-off is a signal that the game must start; it can also be used after a goal had been scored. Unlike football, futsal has no offside rules. The attackers can go closer to the goal unlike the traditional football.

Futsal indoor 5-a-side soccerFutsal indoor 5-a-side soccer

There are many benefits of playing Futsal over regular soccer, including:


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