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Flag Football

Flag football is a similar version of the sport called Canadian football or American football. It also has the similar set of rules of American football but instead of tackling players to the ground in this sport the defensive team have to remove the flag or a flag belt from the ball carrier.

This sport can be played in various variations like for instance in 9-man to 4-man on a side. The field size in this sport varies from the field sizes in the CFL and NFL. It is basically the third of the total size of NFL and CFL playing fields.

In this sport the linemen are allowed to catch the passes however in the NFL and CFL sport they are not allowed to take them. It actually completely depends on whether blocking is allowed or not, if it is allowed it is restricted to the chest of the player.

This sport is widely played all around Asia, Europe and North America and is also being offered by many sports clubs.

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