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Kickboxing is a combat full contact sport which is a combination of kicking and punching. It was inspired by karate, muay thai, and western boxing. Kickboxing has been practiced by many for self-defense and as a sport.

There are different variations for kickboxing rules. For the full contact rules or American kickboxing, the players can hit the opposing player with punches, kicks, and strikes above the waist. The use of elbows and knees are not allowed, the use of shins is sometimes allowed in some competitions. Clinch fighting, throws and sweeps are also not allowed.

There are usually three to twelve rounds, with two or 3 minutes for each round, and a one minute rest between each round.  There are 6 levels for the belt system in kickboxing. The highest is the kyu brown belt for perfect techniques, 2nd is the kyu blue belt, 3rd is the kyu green belt, 4th is the orange belt, 5th is the kyu yellow belt, and the 6th is the kyu white belt which is for beginners.

Variations include Pradal Serey (Cambodia), Sanda (China), Savate (France), Sikaran (Philippines), Lethwei (Burma)

Savate Demonstration at the 1924 Olympic Games. Demonstration of Savate (French Kickboxing) at the 1924 Olympic Games.
from: The Official Report of the Olympic Games of Paris 1924

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