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Disc Golf

Disc golf, which is also called frolf or Frisbee golf, is a type of flying disc game. The main objective of the game is to traverse a course from start to end with the fewest number of throws of the disc. The scoring system is similar to standard golf.

The play begins with each player throwing from a designated area to each hole. There should be one foot in contact with the tee at the time of release. A disc which was thrown will establish a position where it first will come to rest. A disc may be out of bounds when it is completely out of bounds area. The discs that re used should meet with the conditions which were set by the PDGA Technical Standards.

disc golf hole disc golf hole

Players should follow proper etiquette while playing the game. The players should not throw until they are sure that the disc will not injure anybody. The players should not distract other players when it’s their turn.


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