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Trampolining is a sport that is enjoyed by gymnasts, and they perform acrobatics while jumping on a trampoline. As such, the sport is sometimes referred to as trampoline gymnastics. Trampolining dates back to the 1890's when Billy Bouncer or John Hayes was watching trapeze performers doing tricks while bouncing on a safety net. Later on, he used the trampoline as a means of entertaining his audience. In 1999, trampoline became the newest member of the gymnastics family when the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) and the Federation Internationale de Trampoline (FIT) merged. The following year, trampolining made its debut the Olympic Games.

The sport of trampolining involves bouncing on a trampoline to heights up to eight metres, while the athletes perform acrobatic movements such as twists and somersaults in mid-air. In trampoline competitions, these three moves are usually performed: tucked (knees clasped to the chest using the hands), piked (hands touching the feet with both arms and legs straight) and straddle (legs creating a triangle). Points are awarded for difficulty, execution and flight time.

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