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Duathlon is an event in athletics which consists of running and cycling. The format is similar to triathlon, running first, then cycling, then running again.

The governing body for this athletic event is the International Triathlon Union. The cycling and running parts should be done simultaneously by a team which consists of a predetermined number of participants. Only one should run, the rest of the team should be cycling. The members of the team should be together at any given point, exchange of tasks within the members is allowed.

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One of the oldest duathlon events is the 100km-Duathlon which is organized in Dresden, Germany. The largest organized duathlon was the one held at Richmond Park, Surrey in 2005, around 2,500 people participated. The race consisted of a 10-kilometer run, 20-kilometer cycling, and 5-kilometer run. The most popular duathlon is the Powerman Zofingen which is organized in Switzerland. It consists of a hilly 10-kilometer run, a hilly 150-kilometer bike ride, and the 30-kilometer two loop trail run.


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