Top Rated New and Unique Sports

You can read about and give a rating for the many new and unique sports listed on this site (see complete list). Here is the current top 10 new sports as rated by visitors to the site.

The rating system is a global ranking of the sport which factors in the user rating as well as the number of votes (similar to IMDb ranking system). Only sports with at least 10 ratings have been included. The list is current as of August 2017.

The Top Rated New Sports List

ranking Sport Rating (%)
1 Boluta 86.6
2 Ovasinax 86.4
3 Frisbee Trampoline 86.0
4 Starplay 85.2
5 Flexball 84.7
6 Aiden-ball 82.8
7 Volfsball 81.3
8 Quots 80.2
9 phasketboot 78.5
10 Fortball 77.4

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