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The new sport of Baseketball was created by David Zucker in the 1990's. It's a combination of basketball and baseball, it was made famous in the 1998 movie "BASEketball". You have to try and "psych out" the other players so that they miss.

These following rules were submitted by Sal Luna of LA, USA in Nov 2014. The rules were noted from on screen. Although it was made for a movie, no one has yet to have any actual games. He would like to get the ball moving on this. The actual rules are known to the creator of this game, director David Zucker.


The layout of the field




The umpires make sure the rules are being followed and put potholders on squares that have been used in shooting, to prevent shooting from that square again until a cycle is completed. Once the home run shot is taken, the potholders are removed from the squares the shooter used, or removed from all squares when the third out is called.

Length of play

The teams take turns like they do in baseball - visitors first, home team second. There are nine innings, like in baseball, and a seventh inning stretch. Since all the games are indoors, no games are ever called on account of rain. The seventh inning stretch also serves as hafltime, so there's halftime entertainment at this time. Overtime follows if there's a tie at the end of nine.

Length of season

There's no telling how many years a baseketball season can last. The playoffs themselves can go for nine months. By comparison, a basketball season lasts for seven months, the playoffs for two months. A baseball season lasts for six months, the playoffs for one month. The baseketball season, if calculated from the two seasons just mentioned, can last from 32 months (2 years, 8 months) to 54 months (4 and a half years). This means a new cup every four or five years. By comparison, major-league soccer has a new world cup every four years. There's no way baseketball can have a nine-month playoff season and still have a cup every year. :D

No players are traded, no teams can move to new cities. Once a team is created, it stays put until it decides to close. Its bosses can change, though.

Equipment Required

Bases, basketball stand, or play on a half court, and a basketball made to look like a baseball

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