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One Pali (Mzansi Football)

One Pali is a new sport invented by Thamsanqa Bonokuhle Mazibuko from South Africa in 2002. It is played by two teams, they have to outscore each other by hitting a ball (mambhukuza) against pali, to score poles. It is played by four players on each team. The origin of the sports is in Nkandla, KZN- South Africa. The game is played around rural, townships and urban South Africa. The research started in Nkandla to Newcastle, Ladysmith, Qwaqwa, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town. The rules are different from area to area, our research grouped the most common rules of the game.

Section A of Rules

1. offset/Start a match.
2. A Booty- it's when a defender touches Pali after an offset.
3. To score a Pole or an offset or Penalty a player has to kick a ball (mambhukuza) to hit Pali.
4. A pole is 1 point.
An off-set is 2 points, taken from the center of the pitch.
A penalty is also one point.

Section B of rules

4. Three ankles/angles equal to 1 offset free-kick.

5. If a ball goes off-limits, it results in a back kick or kicks in by hand assist if necessary.

6. Hands off the ball, unless it is a hand assist kick in.

other forms of fouls can either be a back kick or an off-set depending on how severe the foul is.

7. A counter attack is not a foul, its an advantage

8. 3-5 seconds rule is applied for a team with an advantage.

Section c of rules (of match and referee)

1. A referee starts a match or game or sports.
2.Announces a match mode.
3.A referee is neutral.

one paliEquipment Required:

  1. A ball-Mambhukuza.
  2. Pali, the structure to score poles.
  3. field, with field lines

Types of lines or marks:

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