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Trampoline Dodgeball

The new sport of Trampoline Dodgeball, was created by Cole and his brother in London, England, in 1999. Trampoline Dodgeball is a high intensity sport relying on speed, skill, fitness and reactions. It is a unique blend and development of dodgeball and trampolining.


The rules are simple. There are two competitors on a trampoline. The air ball is thrown on and the game commences. You must slap, push or punch the ball at your opponent with the aim of hitting them anywhere below the waist. You cannot physically hold or grasp the ball into throwing it.

You can only have one touch of the ball each 'turn'. Your turn is renewed after either your opponent has hit the ball back at you or it hits the net of the trampoline. However you can have two hits of the ball only if you scoop it up in the air with one hand and hit it at your opponent with the other before it has hit the floor again.

The first to 11 wins with 1 point per hit and two clear points needed if the score reaches 10-10. There is no time limit.

Equipment: Large trampoline with net, Air ball(s).

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This is a game developed over a long time and many rules have been added, changed, edited and developed. We feel these are the perfect and final rules for a game we have shared with around 20 friends all who loved it and played it for many years without boredom. It is very competitive with each player possessing unique talents and skills to their advantage.

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