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Pong Ball

The new sport of Pong Ball was created by James Turbett and Kevin Barry from the USA in 2016. Pong Ball is a sport similar to soccer. It is played with table tennis rackets and a table tennis ball on a basketball-sized court. The objective of the game is to score goals by hitting a table tennis ball into the goal net. There are up to 5 players per team, and one ball in play at any given time. There is one goalie per team. 

Equipment Required: Table tennis rackets and ball, sneakers, two small soccer goals, basketball-sized court, referee. 


There is only one ball in play at a time. The ball must keep bouncing during the whole game. Players are allowed to pass the ball to each other by hitting it with their racket. If the ball drops at any time, possession is delivered to the other team. 

Players are not allowed to score a goal with any part of their body; they must use the racket to score a goal and to pass. However, players are allowed one bounce at a time (no consecutive 2+ bounces) on any of their body parts as long as they are not passing or scoring. There are two 30-minute halves to the game, and it lasts a total of 1 hour. There is a half-time for rest. Similar to soccer, the clock does not stop. Pong Ball is a non-contact sport, and violence of any kind is prohibited.  

Pong Ball is a game of skill. Players use various different spins on the ball during scoring and passing. Pong Ball games need a referee, as well as two goalies. The goalies are allowed to block balls with any part of their body, but once they leave their goal square, they lose this power. The goals in pong ball are small, only about 6 feet wide to 6 feet high. Pong ball teams can have as few as 2 or as many as 5 people.

Pong Ball Freestyle

A variation of this sport where competitors perform tricks using table tennis rackets and table tennis balls. It was created by the creators of Pong Ball. Pong Ball Freestylers perform tricks using table tennis rackets and balls. Two or more freestylers can duel each other in front of a group of judges or observers, and these judges or observers crown the winner based on who performed best. Another version of Pong Ball Freestyling would be physical competitions such as running while bouncing a table tennis ball on a table tennis racket. Equipment Required: Table tennis racket and balls. 

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