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The new sport of Basketrun was created by Idan Avni from Israel in early 2017. Ever wanted to hit and throw... and run! Basketrun is here. In this new fast and mind requiring sport you must score as many points.


There sport is played on the in-field part of a baseball diamond only made smaller. The goal is to score the most points by scoring baskets and running around the bases. As usual it's three strikes per out and three outs per inning.


The offense will send up one player at a time to shoot. He stands in the middle and takes a shot at a basket which is standing behind home plate. If he misses it's a strike. If the ball goes in the player must run from the middle to first, second, third and eventually home. If the player reaches home his team gets a point. A player may stop at a base signaling the end of a play just like in baseball.


The Defense has five players on the field at one time: First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Middle and Catcher.

If the ball goes in the catcher must try to get the offensive player out by tagging him with the basketball. He may pass it to his teammates by rolling it on the ground.

Other Information

The game is played for 5 innings. There are 8 players on a team. 5 on the field and three reserve which can be substituted before any pitch. A team has 2 substitutions per game. A team must have all 8 members throw before starting its lineup again.

Equipment Required

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