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Please read the instruction and guide to inventing a new sport, then if you want some free publicity let us know about your sport using the form below. Send the details with this form, and if you have attachments or images you would like to add we will let you know how to do that later.

Add as much details as possible, including equipment details, field sizes, how you score and win, the rules, and anything else that the reader needs to know to be able to understand how the sport is played and maybe even play it themselves.

Please use a unique name for the sport, first seach online or on our list of sports and list of new sports, and even search this site to see if it has been used before.

There is no payment to have your sport listed, and we do not retain any legal claim to the sport once it is posted, all credit is given to the submitter. See more about Intellectual Property of New Sports Submissions.

Tell Me About Your New Sport

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summary of the sport
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do you have any suitable photos that can be used (copyright free)?
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* anyone submitting a new sport to be featured on this site will also be signed up for the Topend Sports Newsletter. A valid email address is required.

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