Top 10 New and Unique Sports

There are many new and unique sports (see complete list) that you probably have never heard of. Here are my top 10, the new sports which I think have potential and may become mainstream one day. If you have created a new sport you can send the details to get it published too. See also the top rated new sports.

My Top 10 New Sports List

  1. Earthing — a new 21st┬ácentury sport┬ácombining sprint running and swimming.
  2. R-World — invented sports and games of the future by Doug Yurchey.
  3. Hantis — all you need is four tables and a ball
  4. Supa Punt - a one-on-one kicking game.
  5. Blo-Ball — table tennis without the paddles, you blow.
  6. Hammerfield — score by hitting a bell with a hammer, inspired by the movie ''The Avengers''
  7. 360Ball — a racket and ball sport played on a circular field.
  8. Knuckle Racket - lets you punch the ball because the net of the rackets are right over your knuckles.
  9. Tugball — using a ball with eight ropes attached to a harness which surrounds a ball.
  10. Ryderball — played in a court with a small ball involving throwing hitting and a new thing called chesting.

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