Funnyball (FOOTA)

The new sport of Funnyball was created by Alexandre Nshimirimana from Burundi in 2018. It is the team sport of hands and legs with double goals at each side of the pitch. In one goal a player may score three goals at one time or one for the opponent team. All parts of the body play except the head. Even the goalkeeper can score.

The sport has the nickname of FOOTA (FOOTBALL OF Alexandre)

Equipment Required:  Courts ; stadiums ; sportshoes ; long sleeved and tight t-shirts ; adapted shorts ; handglooves ; goals ; nets ; specific ball ; leg protections ; knee protections ; gloves for goalkeepers.

Sport Description

It is the funny and quick team sport of hands and legs (HANDLEG) in general and of the whole human body parts in particular except the head.

The pitch

The square of eighty meters each side 

The pitch (court) organization: Two superposed goals at each side : the interior goal : 3 m large on 2m height with its goal mouth  of  3m on 5m ; it is the interior goal mouth; the exterior goal : 5m large on 3m height with its exterior goal mouth of 11m on 9m. 

The five meters square everywhere where two sides get joined; it is a freedom zone included all goal mouths. 

How two teams share the pitch: the first team occupies two goals: the one on WEST side (WG) and the other on the NORTH side (NG). The second team occupies the SOUTH goal (SG) and the EAST goal (EG).

Time: 60 minutes and the pause of 10 minutes after the first halftime 
Each team: Eight players 
Players; numbers in the pitch: from one to eight 

How to play: 

How to score:  


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