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Space Slam: A New Sport for Astronauts

The new sport of Space Slam was created in October 2018 by a team from Dalton, GA USA, team One Giant Leap (FLL Team #33222). The sport has been designed to add interest and competition to otherwise tedious workout regimes required by astronauts as they prepare for and work out in space.

Space Slam is designed to be played on earth with a low goal at the top of a tether pole, and also in zero gravity environments with a goal at either end of the tethered pole as the directions up and down are irrelevant in zero gravity, while secured to a mini trampoline using resistance bands designed to increase strength and impact, players must bump, hit, or kick a tethered ball towards the goal at the opposite end of a pole.

This game can be played with one or more players and has different configurations for offense and defense depending on the number of players in a game.

Equipment Required: Trampolines per person, tether ball and pole with necessary goals, resistance bands attached to belts and trampolines.  


link: One Giant Leap project

This sport was developed as part of the research and design work completed by 10 FIRST LEGO LEAGUE robotics students at Eastbrook Middle School. Students worked to determine ways to help astronauts prepare for space travel by building up bone density and then maintain bone density levels during space travel. ONE GIANT LEAP worked with exercise scientists and physiologists during their research and sport design.

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