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The sport of FeeZBall was created by Darren Foss in 2010, from Santa Maria, California USA. He says that FeeZBall is where strategy, stamina, and agility dominate - an innovative sport allowing cleverness and creativity to win over sheer athletic ability. See the description below, which unfortunately is bit hard to follow without any diagrams or videos.

Equipment Required: Feezball racket, Feezballs (cotton filled ball), Feezball nets


Manner of play: Players lag ball; closest to Possession line attempts free shot. If free shot scores, shoot again. If free shot is blocked by defender, play ensues until goal is scored. Ball is flicked off of ground as a pass or a shot. Ball touching any part of player or racket counts as a hit. Last team to touch ball before it touches the ground is now defense. Defense may not touch ball while it is on the ground. Players may not hit ball twice in a row. Any foul results in opponent's free shot. 24 second shot clock starts when ball touches ground or crosses P.line.

Possession line + Possession zone: If ball crosses team's Possession line then that team gains possession. You may not cross opponent's Possession line. In possession zone you may catch or pick up ball and throw it; You may also hit ball as many times as desired in Possession zone. Only one player allowed in Possession zone at a time.

General Information


Any committed foul results in opponent's free shot. Play ensues after a foul until ball touches ground in case of goal scored after foul by offended team.

Offensive fouls

  1. Personal foul- Unnecessary or excessive contact. (Flagrant = Ejection)
  2. Charging- Running over defenseman who has both feet planted
  3. Illegal extending- Any use of extended racket other than hitting grounded ball
  4. Swinging- Any swing of racket not resulting in contact with ball
  5. Offsides- Crossing opponent's possession line with body or racket
  6. Catching- Catching ball (Allowed in possession zone)
  7. Double hit- One player hitting ball twice in a row (Allowed in possession zone)
  8. Possession zone violation- More than one player in possession zone

Defensive fouls

  1. Personal foul-  Unnecessary or excessive contact (Flagrant = Ejection)
  2. Swing zone foul - Defense must stay out of offense's swing zone when ball is grounded
  3. Illegal hit - Touching grounded ball while on defense
  4. Illegal extending - Using extended racket for anything other than hitting a grounded ball
  5. Offsides -  Crossing opponent's possession line with body or racket
  6. Catching -  Catching ball (Allowed in possession zone)
  7. Possession zone violation -  More than one player in possession zone

Free shot fouls

  1. Shooter or goalie crossing possession line
  2. Ball not hitting ground before shot on goal
  3. 10 second free shot clock.

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