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Hungerball Soccer

The new sport of Hungerball Soccer was created by Andu & Toma Iordache from New Zealand in February 2015. The name is inspired by the Hunger Games theme and the desire to promote a 'hunger' for the ball.

Hungerball Soccer is fast-paced being played in a specially designed multi-goal circular cage with each player defending own goal and attacking at once, one ball, no hands. A number of individual and team games can be played.

Hungerball soccer is usually played in an inflatable arena with six equally-distanced internal mini-goals. Newer designs include other multi-goal arenas (e.g. 4 or 8 goals) with similar play dynamics for soccer as well as for other team sports played with each player defending own goal, such as in Hungerball Hockey.

3 years since its inception, Hungerball has already been played in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, and Venezuela, with more locations constantly being added.

Ways to Play and Rules for Hungerball Soccer*

There are currently two main types of Hungerball Soccer games: Competition and Social.

During competition games, there are two ways to play:

  1. There is a fixed time period (e.g. 10 or 15 min). The person who has the highest number of goals scored, minus goals conceded wins.
  2. It is played as an elimination challenge. Upon conceding two or three goals, the player is eliminated until there is only one left, who is then the winner. 

During social games, players in large groups use a fast rotation system whereby whoever concedes is replaced by someone in a line waiting to get on the pitch.

hungerball soccer

Singles – 1v1 x 6 (Hunger Games meets Soccer)

Team challenges

Hungerball Soccer variations

Equipment required for Hungerball Soccer

*The ways to play, rules, format and equipment for HUNGERBALL Soccer competitions are governed globally by the HUNGERBALL International Federation (HIF). The above apply to the standard 6-goal Hungerball arena.


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