Hungerball Soccer

The new sport of Hungerball Soccer was created by Andu & Toma Iordache from New Zealand in February 2015. Hungerball happens in a fully enclosed round arena with six mini-goals equally distanced, six players, each with their own goal, playing all on all, one ball, one winner - the most hungry for the ball!


Ways to play Hungerball individual soccer

  1. Play for fixed period (15 minutes) â  highest score wins (goals scored minus goals conceded)
  2. Elimination challenge: when a player reaches -3, they are out, the other 5 continue until another reaches -3 and is out; last standing wins
  3. If more than six players keen to play, six start and one is out when reaching -2 and substituted, reset score for all to 0 and resume.

hungerball soccer

Ways to play Hungerball team soccer

  1. Three teams of two players (two goals per team)
  2. Two teams of three players (three goals per team)

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