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Power electric wheelchair racing

Power electric wheelchair racing is a new sport created by Vincent Rocky Lopresti from Dallas Fort Worth Texas, USA, in 2018. Electric powered wheelchairs race around a track, the first across the line is the winner.

Equipment Required: Power electric wheelchair, lights, safety equipment, racing decals, smart phone and VR visor.

Sport Description

Rules are very similar to auto racing. Electric powered wheelchairs race around a track, the first across the line is the winner. Just like auto racing, power electric wheelchair racing has many styles of tracks from pro solo and Offroad to virtual augmented reality tracks via headmounted displays. Hi speed professional electric wheelchair racing will reach speeds of up to 60 miles an hour!

This sport is specifically designed to get severely disabled individuals in power electric wheelchairs, from children to grandparents, out of the house and into a sport that they can do very easily without any cost to them. With professional power electric wheelchair racing sponsors are invited to invest big money in this new racing industry and push the envelope of wheelchair performance and safety technology. Lastly, as disabled racers win races they can receive cash prizes, new medical equipment and even stem cell therapy vouchers!

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