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The new sport of Flexball was created by Sam s from the USA in July 2014. Flexball is a simple combination of European handball, volleyball, and soccer. Flexball requires 4-10 people to play. An attacking team attempts to either throw, kick or hit a ball past a goalie into a goal while the defending team attempts to steal or intercept the ball.


On both ends of the field are goals. Around each goal there is a semicircle crease spanning 30' from the center front edge of the goal. The objective of the offense is to get the ball into the goal, the defense must stop them.


  1. The offense may throw, catch, and hold the ball outside of the crease. They can attempt to throw the ball into the net as long as they are behind the crease line.
  2. Inside of the crease, only the defense can catch, throw, or hold the ball. The offense must kick or hit the ball with any part of their body. NO CATCHING IS ALLOWED. If the offense catches or holds the ball inside the crease, the ball is turned over to the defending team.
  3. The offense may block the goalie's vision but may not come into contact with him. The defense may push or run into the offense, but they may not grab or tackle them.

Equipment Required

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