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Winners of the ICC T20 World Cup

The ICC T20 World Cup is held approximately every two years. Seven tournaments have so far been played since the first in 2007. The current title holders are Australia, who will be the host of the next event in 2022. England and The West Indies are the only team to have won the tournament more than once.

Men's Winner's List

year winner result runner-up
2024 USA & West Indies      
2022 Australia England won by 5 wickets Pakistan
2021 UAE & Oman Australia won by 8 wickets New Zealand
2016 India West Indies won by 4 wickets England
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka won by 6 wickets India
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies won by 36 runs Sri Lanka
2010 West Indies England won by 7 wickets Australia
2009 England Pakistan won by 8 wickets Sri Lanka
2007 South Africa India won by 5 runs Pakistan

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